Top 5 Reasons to have a septic inspection

There are so many different inspections you can have on a property when buying a home.

Key inspections you do not want to overlook are General Home Inspection, HVAC Inspection, Roof Inspection & Septic/Well Inspection if applicable.

Never take the seller’s or listing agent’s word as gospel when it comes to ‘when was the tank last pumped’.  It is not that they are intentionally being mis leading but most homeowners don’t recall exactly the actual time or year it was last pumped.

  1. The only way to properly inspect a septic tank is to pump it out.  This allows the septic specialist to flush water through the system to make sure it is draining properly.
  2. The septic specialist will be able to inspect the interior of the tank to make sure there are not visible cracks in the tank.  If there are cracks, the soil around the tank could be contaminated.
  3. The septic specialist will pull the septic permit from the county.  This permit gives information about where the tank is located and where the lines are on the property.  Note:  Not all counties have always kept these records.
  4. If the county does not have a record, the septic specialist can locate the tank, lines and draw the map for the future owners.
  5. Most importantly, having a septic inspection will tell the buyers if the tank and lines are sufficient for the number of bedrooms in the house.

For More information, I found an interesting article.